Sean Parker leaves Spotifys board – Cristina Stenbeck joins the streaming giant


Cristina Stenbeck joins Spotify, Sean Parker leaves. Photo: Magnus Hjalmarson Neideman and Jordan Strauss.

Erik Wisterberg

Erik Wisterberg


Official documents filed by Spotifys parent company reveal new all-star board of directors.

The Financial Times recently reported that a quartet of high profile individuals were set to join the Swedish streaming giant Spotifys board of directors. The report was based on information from two anonymous sources "with knowledge" of the board.

"The appointments are subject to shareholder approval, these people said. Spotify declined to comment", The Financial Times stated in the article., the leading Swedish tech news site, has now obtained documents from The Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register, containing the full details of Spotifys new board of directors.

The documents – filed by Spotifys parent company – confirm that Cristina Stenbeck, major shareholder and former chairman of the board for the Swedish investment company Kinnevik, is joining Spotify as a board member. can also reveal that Sean Parker is leaving the board. Parker, the co-founder of Napster who invested in Spotify seven years ago, has been on the board since his investment and was a key person in preparing Spotifys U.S. launch in 2011.

Klaus Hommels, founder and chief executive officer at venture capital firm Lakestarm is also leaving the Spotify board.

Aside from Cristina Stenbeck, three more new names are added to the board of Spotify, according to the documents.

• Tom Staggs, former chief operating officer of Disney.

• Padmasree Warrior, CEO of NIO USA.

• Shishir Mehrotra, former head of product for Youtube.

Outtake from the documents filed by Spotify to The Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register.

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