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Next level affiliate marketing – but how? (Clue: Data is a key)

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Kristofer Steneberg

Every Digital marketing strategy should start and end with data. And, in tougher times, more companies are moving their marketing closer to the purchase.

For Benjamin Mullen, data is key to success. He is Client Services Director at the global affiliate marketing platform Awin. Affiliate marketing is taking on a broader and more important role in the move for businesses in being closer to the customer, to the conversion, and to an actual purchase:

”The first step is to understand your own holistic marketing goals and to reach out to an industry expert. 'Think big' and remember that affiliate marketing enables the facilitation of a large range of partnerships”, says Benjamin Mullen.

How to outsource innovation in marketing

The playing field in digital marketing is wide and the variety of affiliate marketing companies makes it difficult to know the best way forward.

”Innovation can be outsourced in the modern marketing environment via the use of trusted partner platforms or agencies. The market is full of individual potential partners working tirelessly to innovate in niche areas. What can at times be intimidating is the partner selection process. There are those who feel that this requires quite specific expertise. It does not, it simply requires a knowledge of desired KPIs and access to an ecosystem of innovative potential partners”, says Benjamin Mullen.

Coming up is a free webinar from Breakit and Awin on the topic: ”How to revamp your digital marketing strategy in 2023”. It takes place on October 6, 9.00-10.00 CET. Secure your spot here.

The areas of innovation enabled by the affiliate network are diverse. The tech-centric affiliate partners have increased in number and quality. But which is the best way to start if you want to reach top-level targeting, converting and re-engaging?

”Data should guide all marketing activities. Scalability is directly linked to reliable data and sufficient expertise. Therefore, it is so important to have discussions with your affiliate network partners regarding KPIs and related performance. Awin is willing and able to find the proper strategic architecture to meet our partner´s needs. We do so with the underpinning of robust data”, says Benjamin Mullen.

Some of the topics at the Breakit & Awin webinar:

* Is it possible to outsource your innovation within marketing?

* How to focus on local markets – and prepare for a scale-up.

* The art of getting straight to purchase and increasing your sales in tough times.

* Is it possible to reduce your spending on Google Ads?

* Have we reached peak influencers? If so, what is the next step?

* How could business intelligence automatize your digital marketing?

* How to level up GDPR and security in affiliate marketing.

* Tomorrow's affiliate – the trends you need to know.

* Insights and how-tos will be shared by the following speakers:

Soreto. James Lovelace, Vice President, Commercial, will cover on how to generate additional traffic, increase impressions and purchase conversion.

Increasingly. Oliver Roberts, Solutions Consultant will discuss if it is it possible to increase the average order value and how can that be achieved? How do we get people to stay, and come back?

SingleView. How can we measure the ad spend better? How do we reach control and predictability and which are the main data points?

Awin. Benjamin Mullen, Client Service Director, Nordics, will talk about several technology partnership examples along with a Q&A discussion.

Join Breakit and Awin at this free webinar for an inspirational rich in how-tos and the latest in affiliate marketing!

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