"Sök och du ska finna – jag har precis funnit en ny medgrundare"

"Sök och du ska finna – jag har precis funnit en ny medgrundare"

Louise Fritjofsson


Träningsappens Vints grundare Louise Fritjofsson skriver om företagets 2.0-version. Och hur glad hon är över att ha hittat en ny medgrundare.

Det här är ett blogginlägg skrivet av serieentreprenören Louise Fritjofsson, som driver träningsappen Vint. Följ hennes resa här på Breakit!

One crazy person, a few naive and a whole bunch of loose cannons. And there, in the mist – the hidden diamonds in the dust. The people that make things happen, the once who understand what it means to take risk and have a long-term holistic view.

They ask the right questions and dare to challenge. They are out there - the co-founders of the world - and I’ve just managed to secure one for Vint!

It’s a new era that comes with new trials and errors, new energy and probably a lot of new mistakes. After a few weeks, months actually, of downtime it’s showtime again. We’re about to use the solid platform we’ve built and update Vint to a product our thousands of users and many more want to use as their default workout app.

It’s time for Vint 2.0.

I find myself staring at the wall at times. It’s the minutes of defeat. When everything feels really hard. When you realize you’re trying to make people healthier, who truly wants to get the benefits from working out but are having a hard time making any physical activity happen. It’s when I think about the thousands of fit-tech companies out there trying to disrupt the fitness industry. It’s when I wrap my head around the fact that we have 0 dollars in the bank and in need of a big ass pivot.

Then there is all the other minutes of the day. The times when I think about how huge this opportunity really is. How amazing it would be to get back to the hundreds of bookings we had per day and doing so with a solid supply side that would protect us from the downfall we had previously experienced. When I think about our vision and how amazing it is to have this opportunity - to build something that makes the world better and to sink your teeth in to a challenge this big.


Due to the situation we’re in, it’s not super-easy to find the right co-founder but I managed to find someone that is just as curious as I am to see where this could go.

Normally, finding a co-founder that takes months. It’s a dating process and I’ll share my thoughts in this in a coming blog post. But for this specific company and opportunity, I was lucky enough to find someone who was a part of my network since earlier and we could get started working together quickly.

Dragons take off in headwind. Let’s do this @KristofferFurst!

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