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Stefan Lundell

Stefan Lundell

Medgrundare och reporter

Breakit fick natten till fredagen en officiell kommentar på våra uppgifter om uppsägningar.

Så här skriver Tidal i sin kommentar:

“TIDAL continues to ignite a global conversation; one that puts the artist and music lover at the center of the experience. As the new interim CEO of TIDAL, Peter Tonstad is focused on the company’s industry-leading content quality and connection to the fans. Tonstad has been with Aspiro Group, TIDAL’s parent company since 2010 and replaces former CEO Andy Chen".

Peter Tonstad kommenterar själv förändringen i bolaget:

“I believe in TIDAL and what the team is doing to affect the change the music industry needs. We’re streamlining the company and refocusing our resources to ensure the platform continues to grow, and listeners can make a connection to their favorite artists. No one else is doing this."

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