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Oleter Group and software consultancy firm tretton37 form a strategic partnership to create the next generation of digital solutions for PDR

Publicerad: 12 jan 2022 13:58

Uppdaterad: 12 jan 2022 13:58

Oleter Group is the Nordic region's fastest-growing company in the property damage restoration industry. Their most well-known brand in Sweden is Ocab. A contributing factor to their success is their work with digitalising their business. During the last couple of years, they have launched several digital initiatives and solutions towards their customers and co-workers with great results. To further accelerate their digital journey, they have entered into a strategic partnership with the leading software consultancy firm tretton37.

"Our business and our customers are continuously becoming more digital. This is a development that we embrace since we know that new technology opens up many new and exciting opportunities for us. To reach our strategic goal of being a digital leader in the PDR industry and take our game to the next level, I knew that we also needed outside help from experts. tretton37 have helped us both evolve our mindset around digital transformation and solve specific business problems. We have already within a short time span seen a positive effect on our business stemming from our collaboration with tretton37." - says Ola Spetz, CEO Oleter Group. 

tretton37 specialises in aiding and guiding forward-thinking organisations into the digital tomorrow where technology is an integral part of the business. tretton37 empowers organisations and people to achieve their goals through strategic guidance, thought leadership and software consultancy.

"When faced with a digital transformation, how you choose to leverage technology is paramount in order to continue to win with your customer and grow your business in tomorrow's business environment. We are very excited to work together with Oleter Group, a proven business services company with a strong entrepreneurial culture and a progressive mindset with regards to technology." - says Martin Rosenqvist, Director Strategy & Consulting tretton37.

Designing and growing solid and adaptable digital capabilities that are intertwined with the business is the key to success for organisations in the digital tomorrow, a time when all companies will become technology companies. 

"Today, every company is a technology company or in the process of becoming one. What you do today, with regards to digitalisation and how you address technology, will have a direct impact on how competitive you will be in the years to come. One way forward for ambitious companies that would like to accelerate their digitalisation is to craft long term strategic partnerships with firms like tretton37. We work together side-by-side with our clients and help them design and build strong digital capabilities that match their needs and priorities. This often includes choosing technology platforms, organisational design and ways of working - all whilst helping them become self-sufficient. Oleter Group is a great example of such an ambitious client, and we are proud that they have chosen us to be their trusted technology partner on their exciting journey." - says Micael Holmström, CEO tretton37

About Oleter Group

Oleter is the Nordics fastest-growing group within sustainable property damage restoration, PDR, and underground infrastructure management, UIM, with over 110 different locations and a turnover of approximately 2,4 billion SEK and 2000 employees. 

About tretton37

tretton37 was founded in 2010 and have since been a strategic partner to organisations and companies in their digital journey. By creating the future digital organisations, tretton37 gives their clients the possibility to digitalise through the entire organisation. With clients like Paradox Interactive, Elkjöp, Oleter and Tibber, among others, tretton37 have a wide experience of working with organisations in different industries and stages of digital transformation with the goal of becoming leading in their field.

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