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Prisjakt chooses tretton37 as software technology partner

Publicerad: 28 maj 2020 13:29

Uppdaterad: 28 maj 2020 13:29

Custom software specialists tretton37 and price and product comparison service Prisjakt have joined forces to support Prisjakt in their pursuit to guide consumers into making smarter purchase decisions.

tretton37 will support Prisjakt in its business to business product domains, and during the upcoming 12 months aid with a software development team in a confidential new product. 

“We are incredibly happy to have started our journey with Prisjakt. We strongly believe that our shared view on modern product development and the importance of a great culture in any engineering team is a recipe for success. We are excited about bringing our software development expertise to the table of existing technology and domain experts inside Prisjakt. Being able to team up with Prisjakt is something that goes in line with our ambitions to grow our knowledge within the e-commerce vertical and we are really proud that Prisjakt chose us as a technology partner.” Christian Tallhamn, Client Engagement Manager, tretton37

“Prisjakt guides consumers to smarter purchase decisions in seven different countries. We work tirelessly with improving the product throughout the entire stack. We are on a constant lookout for passionate and skilled people. The tretton37 team are a welcome boost in both competence, engagement, and technology perspective from the outside. We are therefore looking forward to join our forces on the path of creating the best B2B insights products in the industry.”Christian Toft, Chief Product Officer, Prisjakt

About tretton37tretton37 is a knowledge-based technology partner. We help our clients define and pursue the right goals, deliver well-crafted custom software, tailored to any unique business ambitions. tretton37 was founded in 2010 and has more than 200 employees from more than 20 countries divided between offices in Stockholm, Lund, Helsingborg, Borlänge, and Ljubljana.

About PrisjaktPrisjakt is the Nordic region's largest objective information and comparison service. Prisjakt was founded in 2002, and is part of Schibsted. Today the service is available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, France, and the UK. In Sweden, they have offices in Ängelholm, Malmö, and Stockholm.

Marknadschef tretton37: Victoria Holmqvist

E-post: Victoria.Holmqvist@tretton37.com

Telefon: 0705-13 37 60

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