Heroes of Warland @ Gamescom: Heroes meet Superstars in Åre


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Heroes of Warland @ Gamescom: Heroes meet Superstars in Åre

Publicerad: 22 aug 2018 08:00

Uppdaterad: 22 aug 2018 08:00

Nitro Games announced the location for filming and one new Superstar for the upcoming production “Heroes & Superstars” in Gamescom.


We’re delighted to announce that the filming of Heroes & Superstars will happen in Åre, Sweden. Gamingzone Entertainment is building everything there to make it a perfect location for Superstars to compete in Heroes of Warland. On top of that, we’re happy to welcome Fatal1ty to join the show!” says Jussi Tähtinen, CEO & Co-Founder, Nitro Games Oyj.

Earlier this week Nitro Games announced the first Heroes from the upcoming game Heroes of Warland and the first Superstars from the upcoming entertainment program Heroes & Superstars. The Superstars announced so far are:

  • Fatal1ty (USA) – Quake
  • BorasLegend (Sweden) - FIFA
  • Stormen (Sweden) - Fortnite & H1Z1
  • Eloise (China) - Hearthstone

Heroes & Superstars is a reality show where Fatal1ty, BorasLegend, Stormen, Eloise, 5 yet to be announced gaming superstars and three sports champions will battle out in Heroes of Warland against each other. The launch of Heroes & Superstars will sync with the launch of Heroes of Warland and premiere in 2018. Heroes & Superstars will be distributed on global streaming platforms as well as on traditional broadcast. Heroes & Superstars is produced by Gamingzone Entertainment.

Heroes of Warland is a team-based competitive multiplayer game on mobile. With Heroes of Warland, Nitro Games is introducing hero-based shooter genre on mobile for the first time. The genre has been highly popular on PC. Hero-based shooter means that the game has several hero characters, each with their own individual skills and abilities, offering a unique and fun team multiplayer experience previously unseen on mobile.

Gamescom is the biggest European trade show for the computer- and video game industry. The show brings together retail, trade and media, and is divided into a separate business area and an entertainment area open for public audience – all located at the Cologne Exhibition Centre.

Nitro Games is attending Gamescom to present Heroes of Warland.

Find out more about Heroes of Warland:





New trailer: https://youtu.be/YUH2iqsp6FY

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