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AirFaas awarded as the potential future European Tech giant by EU Commissioner

Publicerad: 20 feb 2018 13:01

Uppdaterad: 20 feb 2018 13:01

The “DIGITALEUROPE SME AWARD” aims at celebrating and rewarding SMEs which have the potential to become the future European Tech giants. The winner 2018 is AirFaas from Finland, and the award is handed over today in Brussels by Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy & Society.

AirFaas is an Airbnb for factories, a portal that allows companies to manufacture their machines and components without owning factories, production equipment or having production workers. A win-win for manufacturers but also for the environment.

“Masters of Digital 2018” is the annual flagship event of DIGITALEUROPE, the leading trade association which represents the digital technology industry in Brussels and across Europe since 1999.

CEO Edward Blomstedt says AirFaas will revolutionize the manufacturing industry the same way UBER and Airbnb revolutionized consumer behaviour.

AirFaas is a portal for manufacturers, Faas means "factory as a service". They will no longer need to own a factory for their production. They will find the best factory for their production, somewhere in the world, through AirFaas.

AirFaas takes care of location, planning, logistics, distribution, budgeting and financing the product. So manufacturers can focus on other important things. Like product development and marketing.

To be a part of the AirFaas family, they just have to upload the specifications of the product in the system, and after a week the system returns with a full proposal including everything.

AirFaas is supported by investors, industrialists and top politicians in Finland and presented as a great example of the roadmap for platform economies, being one of the top subjects at industry gatherings globally.

Edward Blomstedt, Finnish industry´s ”Golden Boy”, is full of confidence facing the future of AirFaas.

-Someone asked me one year ago where we will be in ten years. I told him that AirFaas will be one of the worlds 50 largest companies. I am even more convinced of that today, he says.

The confidentiality around the project has been extreme during the five years of testing the concept. The name ”AirFaas” has been released just now, and the real manufacturing according to the AirFaas concept has, during these five years, been executed by another company in the AirFaas sphere, Combi Works.


From left: Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl, Director General of Digital Europe, Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy & Society, European Commission, Edward Blomstedt, CEO and founder of AirFaas.

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