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Sweat at the gym, Save at home.

Publicerad: 16 okt 2017 07:00

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Boo Energy becomes the first energy company in the world to offer customers an opportunity to lower their electricity bills by exercising.

Boo Energy, one of Sweden’s most innovative energy companies has a new motivational health program for their customers as the country moves into the colder months of the year. “Get fit and healthy and at the same time lower your electricity bill”. Energy you burn at the gym, running or just during your relaxing walk in the park, you’ll get compensated for on your electricity bill. (860 KCal = 1kWh).         

Boo Energy is a small energy company founded in the 1920 in the municipality of Nacka, Stockholm. With 15 500 customers located along Stockholm’s welcoming coastline, just 20 minutes’ drive east of the heart of Stockholm, Boo Energy is now taking a new disruptive market approach.

Fredrik Heleander, Managing Director at Boo Energy explains “we have a number of exciting corporate customers in our portfolio today, like Tele2Arena, Ericsson Globe arena and KSSS, to mention a few. All have chosen Boo Energi mainly based on our environmental focus. At Boo Energy, we don’t give our customer a choice when it comes to the energy source, we only deliver 100 % renewable energy to all our customers, if you want something else we’re probably not the best choice” Fredrik says. Fredrik continues “Our focus is to embrace solar, water and wind into everything we do. We take renewable energy to a whole new level.

Niklas Sjöberg, Business Development and CTO explainsWe are proud of this service as it demonstrates a major benefit, both personal and economically for our customers. We can offer our customers a new way of influencing their electricity bill with exercise. We can proudly say that We are the healthiest energy company in Sweden, and fully mean that.” Niklas continues “Through our new app we can collect all your burned calories, even from most types of gadgets (fitbit, Garmin i.e.) and deduct that on your coming bill”


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